We Connect Researchers with
World-Class Medical Data
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We Connect Researchers with
World-Class Medical Data


Every year thousands visit their doctor for annual physicals and are told they are fine. But they’re not fine: 300,000 Americans are a ticking time bomb and will die from sudden cardiac death with no prior warning. What if we could detect signals that gave us clues about who is at risk?


Americans now have greater access to cancer screenings than ever before. Yet we’ve made no significant progress in averting cancer deaths since the 1980s. What is our current knowledge missing?


The vast majority of people with COVID will experience it with a cold, or even completely asymptomatically. But for some, it’s a death sentence. No one knows this better than doctors in the ER when they send home a patient who looks fine, only to have them come back in respiratory distress— or not come back at all. What if we could tell who was at risk?


Our secure, open data hub brings together health systems and research communities from across the world, enabling researchers to push the boundaries of medical science.



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We are completely open about our data sources and methods.

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We promote equal opportunity and equal access to scientific data, tools, and discoveries.

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We encrypt our data and remove any identifying patient information from our dataset.

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