We invite students and researchers to participate in our contests.
Contests are closed now - please watch our website for announcements.

Nightingale hosts healthcare AI/ML contests to encourage ML practitioners to learn and try out their skills to answer intriguing medical questions. We partner with co-hosts, funding agencies, and sponsors to host these contests. We are able to provide free compute credits and cash prizes with the support of our sponsors.

We have successfully hosted three contests on predicting high risk breast cancer from biopsy images. Cash prizes have been awarded to the winners and their solutions have been published as open source. The winners presented their work at the ML4H 2022 conference, and the AIM-AHEAD 2023 conference. You can learn about the contest results and find their open source code here: [contest 1] [contest 2][contest 3]

We also invite healthcare professional societies and healthcare ML special interest groups to co-host contests with us.

We thank our co-hosts and supporters - Providence St. Joseph Health, Association for Health Learning and Inference, Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, and NIH AIM-AHEAD for their support with the contests.

Co-host an ML contest with us