We want to accelerate computational medicine by joining hands with like-minded universities around the world. We realize that you may have your own compute and storage resources that you want to use with the data sets we publish. You may also have surplus compute resources that can benefit other researchers who lack them. You may also be a teaching hospital interested in accelerating computational medicine and precision health by contributing open data sets for research.

Publishing open data sets on a scalable platform takes enormous amounts of time. Our research questions may be different, but our data and infrastructure needs often overlap. It benefits all of us to partner and share the data sets and the research platform.

We are partnering with universities so that they can host our data sets in their local or cloud compute centers under with the permission of our data contributors. We also provide a way for you to contribute or monetize your surplus compute capacity to Nightingale to support our community of researchers. Finally, we are always looking for strategic partnerships with health systems to publish open data sets.

Please contact us to discuss how we can join hands and accelerate computational medicine and precision health.

Many hands make light work!